On a beach in the wood

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We went to the wood on Sunday, which was looking very beautiful in its autumn colours, with the extra depth which appears as the leaves fall and the woodland floor is illuminated by the soft light of early winter.


Cara has left her wellies in school, she tells me, and came in roller shoes which were already wet. Good job it was a mild day. l9047

Cade was well equipped for the damp conditions, and was first to demand that food should be provided promptly.

My target was to mill some logs from a tree I felled in early spring, and this provided a nice pile of sawdust which the kids have previously identified as a suitable replacement for sand.l9049

They were soon happily engaged with the usual activities associated with being at the seaside, with the advantage that their “sand” was comfortably dry and not at all cold.l9053  Just before we left, as I had a last wander around the glade, my eye was caught by the leaves of this sapling, glowing in the failing light.l9059

Good to see new life is ready to succeed the present mature trees, and good that it is “wildlife” – a term that surprised me when I first came across it being applied to trees. But of course when trees set seed, and a sapling has found its own niche rather than having been planted by human hand, it certainly is wildlife, and all the more interesting for being so.

3 thoughts on “On a beach in the wood

  1. Lucky children Pat, having such a large playground (and such an indulgent grandad)!
    Hope all well with you and yours?
    Love Chris X

  2. It was Remembrance Sunday. This blog adds another valid route to memories of times in such spots when I was their age. Sadly the copses (wood-lets) which we cherished for our nature walks from Infant/primary school are now only that as their location is not well eradicated beneath the Doxford International Business Park on the Southern edge of Sunderland City. In my days with <200,000 residents and despite being the biggest ship-building TOWN in the world, attempts to claim city ranking were dismissed. By annexing the surrounding area for an extra 6 miles on the radius, the title is acquired. My school was a two-room church-owned building for all ages up to 11+ when those of us fortunate enough left for Grammar School.
    Thanks for the memories Pat.

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