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An Autumn Night

An Autumn Night

Setting out for a walk in the woods at night, shining a torch on the fallen leaves on the pavement.

Actually, camera on tripod, background exposure two stops under-exposed, flash on camera fitted with a gridded snoot, aimed at the drift of fallen leaves. Background lit and colour determined by the streetlamps, but the fallen leaves show their actual colour because they are lit by the flash.

Badger hole in Newbridge Wood

Badger holeI’m lighting up badger setts with a two flash setup – the key light on a lighting stand or bolted to a tree to splash light from the side, and a flash on the camera to put detail in the shadows. However, to get a nighttime look, perhaps it’s better to just use the one key light as above, leaving the shadows black and featureless.

I could do with more cooperation from the badgers.