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Sunlit uplands

Hey, let’s go up this post.
Why would you want to go up there?
There are sunlit uplands, filled with rotting carrots, up there – I have seen it in a dream, I tell you!
Rotting carrots? I love rotting carrots. Hey, Jimmy! This guy says there’s rotting carrots up the top of this post. You coming?
Yeah! Me too! And me!
C’mon, little Slimey …
There’s sunlit uplands as well, mind.
(Puff) I can do without sunlit uplands. (Pant) Bit steep, isn’t it?
There! Isn’t the view from here wonderful?
Where’s the rotting carrots? There’s nothing here!
Yes there is. Just look at these beautiful uplands.
You said rotting carrots – sod your uplands!
etc, etc.